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The Myth of Winter Base Training For Cyclists | TrainingPeaks

Traditional aerobic base training needs to go the way of the dodo. Long, moderate intensity rides are fun and good to incorporate into training, but even if you’re a pro it is a fool’s errand to devote the winter to … Continue reading

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Working Out at Night Won’t Affect Your Sleep

Good news for the busy fit man (or bad news if all you want to do is sink in a couch and zone out at the end of a hard day), a new study says that gut-busting workouts late in … Continue reading

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Phytolean – Win The War Against Weight Gain

I’ve been using Hammer Nutrition’s Phytolean for a few months now, since it was first available. I typically gain about 10 pounds during the winter months. Yeah, it gets harder and harder for me to train outside Dec, Jan and … Continue reading

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Lactic Acid Myths & Cycling Training Tips | Bicycling Magazine

FACT: It’s a source of energy. Lactic acid, or lactate, is a chemical that your body produces 24/7, even while you’re doing nothing, says L. Bruce Gladden, PhD, professor of kinesiology at Auburn University. Its purpose? To feed your muscles … Continue reading

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Spring Training, Hill Climbs and Body Geometry

Well, spring has arrived…although it has felt like summer for a couple of weeks. That is until today. With the temperatures back down in the 40’s, I realized that we really did get spoiled the last couple of weeks for … Continue reading

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Get On Your Bike And Ride – The Beginner Cyclist

Happy New Year! So, 2012 is here and you have made your New Years resolutions…Get in shape, lose weight, exercise, get that bicycle out of the garage and dust it off and start to ride…Well, here is a little help. … Continue reading

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The Perfect Pedal Stroke

How to get the most energy from each crank revolution. ( – Pedaling in a simple circle is a complex thing, but mastering it can save energy, says Todd Carver, biomechanist at Colorado’s Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. He says … Continue reading

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Riding Cherry Plain

I had a great training ride today at Cherry Plain. I logged a solid 18 miles with alot of climbing. I also scouted some new trails that I hadn’t ridden before. While the new trail still needs some post winter … Continue reading

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Today Was A Singlespeed Moment

I took my Jamis singlespeed out today to give it a good workout. I drove over to the Rensselaer Lake side of the Albany Pinebush Preserve. That is the part of the Pinebush that is mountain bike friendly. Most of … Continue reading

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Spring Training

The temperatures are in the 60’s this week. Today, nearly 70 for my road ride. The trails are looking better, but I still won’t ride most until they are dryer. So, that leaves me on the road bike quite a … Continue reading

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