Spring Training, Hill Climbs and Body Geometry

Well, spring has arrived…although it has felt like summer for a couple of weeks. That is until today. With the temperatures back down in the 40’s, I realized that we really did get spoiled the last couple of weeks for my “spring training”. So far in March 2012, I have logged more outside mikes on my bikes than I ever have in the month of March. Last week we had record high temperatures which got me up earlier than usual to get out on the road bike. This is the month for those dreaded hill climbs. Around here every ride seems like it’s hill climb day, but that’s what happens when you live next to the mountains. With only two weeks to my first race of the season, I do hope that this cooler weather will be gone quickly. My overall fitness isn’t bad for March, but it can and will be a lot better.

I have also made an investment in me. That is, my overall health on the bike. Last fall I purchased a Specialized Body Geometry saddle. I’ve read the science behind it, compared different saddles and decided it is worth a try.

Specialized Riva Saddle

Specialized’s Body Geometry ergonomic design alleviates pressure and provides plenty of support for super-comfy rides. It was a smart move on my part. I just purchased two more Specialized Riva saddles for my other bikes too. Not only does it feel good, the Riva costs only $30.00. I have ridden many different saddles through the years, and have had my favorites, but the Body Geometry is by far the best saddle for those long days in the saddle on my road or mountain bikes.

With more rides, more runs and lots of racing, it will be a fun and exciting season.

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