Phytolean – Win The War Against Weight Gain

Phytolean - Diet Optimization

Phytolean – Diet Optimization

I’ve been using Hammer Nutrition’s Phytolean for a few months now, since it was first available. I typically gain about 10 pounds during the winter months. Yeah, it gets harder and harder for me to train outside Dec, Jan and Feb. My indoors training isn’t nearly as efficient as being on the bike outdoors, so on comes the “winter weight”. By using Phytolean, I have actually maintained my end of season weight instead of gaining a few pounds each month. And when the northeast winter weather breaks, I’ll be able to shed current pound instead of added pounds…and still with the assistance of Phytolean.

Here are the benefits of Phytolean:

Successfully reaching your target weight and keeping it there may be a real struggle for you, especially if you’re a “carb junkie.” Not anymore! Phytolean will help you win the war against weight. The Phytolean formula is safe, natural, and plant-based. Unlike weight-loss products that offer unrealistic promises and deliver no results, we guarantee that Phytolean will work for you. Not “may” work, WILL work – Phytolean is that effective!

In a nutshell, Phytolean:

  • Helps to increase your body’s fat-burning potential
  • Aids in reducing fat absorption
  • Blocks the digestion and absorption of starchy carbohydrates

All of these help you to lose weight, maintain ideal blood sugar levels, and achieve optimal body composition without any undesirable side effects that can occur from stimulant-based weight-loss products.

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