Today Was A Singlespeed Moment

I took my Jamis singlespeed out today to give it a good workout. I drove over to the Rensselaer Lake side of the Albany Pinebush Preserve. That is the part of the Pinebush that is mountain bike friendly. Most of the trails there are just a web of singletrack and doubletrack, but you can put together a pretty good loop for a casual ride or a good recovery ride. It’s mostly not technical, although, there are the tight and twisty spots. I find that it is a good place for a singlespeed ride as there are no monster climbs, just rolling terrain.
My plan was to ride about 15 miles but fter the first 11 miles I felt good. So I decided to just keep riding and do another 11 miles. It was a great ride, but I should have stopped at 18 miles. During mile 19, I was riding a piece of singletrack that went along the edge of the water. My foot caught under a tree root and stopped me pretty abruptly. I did an endo, but landed on my feet…but in the lake. I think I scared the crap out of the two guys that were there fishing. There was one casualty in the little crash…I need to replace one brake lever. Easy enough, but it’s hydraulic. I finished the ride without a problem, but don’t think I should try to race with the damage that I did to it. From there I finished the loop, a little cool down ride and then back to the car.
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