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New York First to Implement Race Clean Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BY THE NEW YORK STATE BICYCLE RACING ASSOCIATION – July 10, 2013 Endicott, NY – The New York State Bicycle Racing Association (NYSBRA) recently became the first Local Association to formalize the implementation of USA Cycling’s … Continue reading

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Origin-8 BB30 Adapter Kit

Brand new from Origin-8, a BB30 bottom bracket adapter that allows you to run a non-BB30 crank with a BB30 frame. With this adaptation system you reap all the benefits of having a BB30 bottom bracket without having to buy … Continue reading

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Tour of the Adirondacks

Dieter Drake and Anthem Sports have announced a new stage race, for 2011, in the Albany, NY Capital Region. The Tour of the Adirondacks, a two day road stage race, will be held on the weekend of September 17-18, 2011 … Continue reading

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Weekend of Road Racing

I spent the weekend off the mountain bike and on the road bike. There were a couple of road races scheduled over the weekend, and I new that they would be very good events. First up on Saturday was the … Continue reading

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Capital Region kids finish 375-mile bike trip

Nowadays, most kids are content spending their summer lounging around an air conditioned house. But while Ryan Harrington’s friends spent their time inside, comfortably playing their video games and watching TV, the 14-year-old was busy tackling a 375-mile bike trip … Continue reading

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New York State Time Trial Championship

Today was the 2010 New York State Time Trial Championships, held in Cambridge, NY. Due to my original race plans of racing the 12 hours at 909 falling through, I decided to race the time trial. The Cat 5 race … Continue reading

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Tour De Schenectady

The Tour De Schenectady is being on August 21 at Schenectady Central Park. The cycling events will include a 55 mile road bike ride, a 16 mile mountain bike ride (streets and bike path) and a mountain bike race. All … Continue reading

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Spring Training

The temperatures are in the 60’s this week. Today, nearly 70 for my road ride. The trails are looking better, but I still won’t ride most until they are dryer. So, that leaves me on the road bike quite a … Continue reading

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Oxygen4Energy: Latest Sponsor

My latest sponsor for the 2010 race season is Oxygen4Energy, producers of recreational canned oxygen. Oxygen is the most important nutrient to the cells in your body and plays an integral role in almost every bodily function. You can live … Continue reading

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MTB Road Training

It’s mid-February, but I’m still trying to ride outdoors when I can. The roads are in no condition for a road bike, so I’ve mapped out some mountain bike road rides that I like to do. Here is one of … Continue reading

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