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Training Update: One Step At A Time

After a short 2 week setback in my training, my fitness is back to where it was before I got sick. In fact, I might be a little bit ahead of where I was. I’ve incorporated running into my training … Continue reading

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Eight reasons why riding alone is better than riding in a group – Cycling Weekly

Riding in a group comes with many benefits, namely having a bit of company and having people to keep you out of the wind when it’s not your turn to suffer. But riding alone can also be enjoyable, offering riders … Continue reading

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2016 Race Plans

As race schedules are starting to come out, I’ve been figuring out my own race plans for 2016.  Here is what I have planned so far. A lot of the same, but some that is different than past years. My “travel” … Continue reading

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The Myth of Winter Base Training For Cyclists | TrainingPeaks

Traditional aerobic base training needs to go the way of the dodo. Long, moderate intensity rides are fun and good to incorporate into training, but even if you’re a pro it is a fool’s errand to devote the winter to … Continue reading

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Video: Fat Bike Winter in Grafton

I was going through some old video footage and came across some from March 2015. It’s winter fat biking in Grafton.

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Giving Thanks MTB Race #fatbike

My first fat bike race was a blast. The annual HRRT Giving Thanks MTB Race added a fat bike class this year. Fat bike are a so much fun to ride, I decided to race it today. If you have … Continue reading

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4 Stretches for Cyclists to Increase Flexibility

Here is a great article that I came across on the Training Peaks website. Stretching will increase you flexibility and therefore, help in improving your bike skills. Adding a simple stretching routine won’t take much time out of our busy schedules. This … Continue reading

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New York State MTB Series: Singlespeed Champ!

2015 New York State Cat 2 Singlespeed Champion! What a way to cap off the 2015 mountain bike season. The 2015 New York State Mountain Bike Series wrapped up Sunday with a 4th place finish at the very wet and … Continue reading

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Brian Frank of Hammer Nutrition on Perpetuem

I’ve been using Hammer Nutrition’s Perpetuem for about 3 year now during my ultra-endurance mountain bike racing, riding and training. If I’m going to be on the bike for 3+ hours, I start to work Perpetuem into my fueling. I … Continue reading

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Origins of mountain biking: Joe Breeze Interview

Who ‘invented’ the mountain bike? Where was the birth of dirt? Who was the first to throw a bike down a hill? A bunch of hippies from Marin County California, that’s who. Here, Outer Edge magazine speaks to Joe Breeze, … Continue reading

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