Riding Cherry Plain

I had a great training ride today at Cherry Plain. I logged a solid 18 miles with alot of climbing. I also scouted some new trails that I hadn’t ridden before. While the new trail still needs some post winter clean-up, it does add almost 2 miles of singletrack onto my long loop. I’ve also started to name the trails that I ride regularly there.
  • Dynamite Shack Trail – A long and steady climb that goes through old building foundations. The buildings were used to store the dynamite that was used for the mining.
  • Schaefer Beer Trail – An old abandoned road that is actually called Schaefer Road.
  • Deliverance Trail – I really like this trail. It has long steep climbs with a nice descent with some technical descending. As you ride across the top, you come to about a half dozen shacks. You can’t call them houses, they are old unmaintained shacks. I’m sure they are just hunting cabins, but it does look like Deliverance up there.
I haven’t named anything else yet, but I will.
This ride started out at ~13 mile the first time I did it. But since then, I’ve been able to connect other trail to the original loop to lengthen the loop. There is definitely another 2 or 3 miles of singletrack that I know I can connect, but the trails need to be cleaned up. There is still downed trees and branches that need more work than we can do while riding. Also, being State land, we can’t just go in with ATV’s and chainsaws and rakes. But even with the existing loop, there is alot of riding on alot of trail…singletrack, doubletrack and dirt road. And, the best part is, I can connect these trails to the trails that I ride from my house and get in a nice 40+ mile mountain bike ride…from my house.
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