New York State MTB Series: Singlespeed Champ!

2015 New York State Cat 2 Singlespeed Champion! What a way to cap off the 2015 mountain bike season.

NYS MTB Series - Windham Mountain

NYS MTB Series – Windham Mountain
Photo by: DIUS Photo

The 2015 New York State Mountain Bike Series wrapped up Sunday with a 4th place finish at the very wet and very soggy Riedlbaur’s finale. Heavy rains overnight created, I guess the best word is, an interesting race course. With mud, slop, running water on the trails and a lot of standing water that was up to the hubs, this race was not the fast and flowing race of years past. But it was still a good race and a fun race. Even with adverse weather conditions, the sinlgetrack at Riedlbaur’s was still a fun ride.

The other events in the series were the Stewart SOS Mountain Bike Challenge – Stewart State Forest in Newburgh, NY were I finished 3rd on a very fast, mostly singletrack course. Windham Race The World – Windham Mountain in Windham, NY were I finished 4th on a very technically demanding course designed for the UCI World Cup event held the same weekend. And the Belleayre Mountain All Terrain Challenge – Belleayre Mountain in Highmount, NY were I finished 2nd on one of my favorite race courses. (And an interesting side note…I am the only rider to race all 10 edition of the All Terrain Challenge). The William Lake Classic – Williams Lake in Rosendale, NY is the only race in the 5 race series that I did not race singlespeed.

Racing singlespeed in 4 of the 5 series races was enough to accumulate the points for the overall series win. Going into the series finale, the overall was not a done deal, I still had to finish. A DNF would have dropped me down to second, where I’ve been twice before. One of my goals this season was to win the overall, in category. I had to ride smart and safe and finish. So that is just what I did. And with the conditions the way they were, I rode more conservatively that I otherwise would have.

A huge thanks goes to Hammer Nutrition for keeping fueled right, Duro Tires, Rudy Project and AXO Cycling.

2015 New York State Cat 2 Singlespeed Champion!



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