New York State Time Trial Championship

Today was the 2010 New York State Time Trial Championships, held in Cambridge, NY. Due to my original race plans of racing the 12 hours at 909 falling through, I decided to race the time trial. The Cat 5 race was a 20K race on flat to slightly rolling terrain.
As is the case in any road race that I do, I fit the mountain bike part; hairy legs, full finger gloves, mtb shoes, etc. At least I took the visor off my helmet. Oh, and no aero bard on my road bike. All the aerodynamic stuff would be nice, but none of that really mattered to me. I raced to race. I wanted to see how I would do.
The weather was nearly perfect for my 9:35 am start time. The 20K course was 10K out and back. The ride out was fast, very fast, with a tailwind. But unfortunately, that means a headwind on the return 10K. In spots, a straight on headwind. My first 10K was around 17 minutes, but my return 10K was about 21 minutes (I could have done without the headwind). My time for the 20K was 0:37:59 for an 8th place finish. 8th place was way off the pace, but I went into the race with only one goal – under 40 minutes. So, for a mountain biker showing up at a time trial, with no TT equipment, I think that I did pretty well.
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