Origin-8 BB30 Adapter Kit

BB30 Adapter

Origin-8 BB30 Adapter kit

Brand new from Origin-8, a BB30 bottom bracket adapter that allows you to run a non-BB30 crank with a BB30 frame. With this adaptation system you reap all the benefits of having a BB30 bottom bracket without having to buy a super expensive crank. Most standard outboard/integrated crank and bottom bracket systems on the market today have a spindle O.D. (outside diameter) of 24mm. A BB30 bearing will not accommodate this, but with their new BB30 adapters you can run any GXP or HT2 spindle on a frame that is designed for the BB30 bearing system for a fraction of the cost. The adapter is complete with the C-clips, sealed cartridge bearings and cones for a fluid and finished look.

  • Machined alloy adaptors
  • Sealed Cartridge bearings (6806)
  • Shims and C Clips included
  • Adapters allow the use of 24mm OD spindle cranks in BB30 frames

Take a look at the optionsĀ HERE.

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