Training, NYS Series and Cyclocross

With only two mountain bike races remaining for the season, I’m finally back to a normal training routine. My work has been very busy and crazy. With the exception of races, there has been nearly no bike riding…training…for about a month. That makes the racing a bit difficult after the second or third week. Now that work schedules have changed for the fall, I can finally get back to training and get that lost fitness back.

Two races remain for the New York State MTB Series, and I want to be sure to finish them. This series is my main focus for this year. If I have no DNF’s for the last two races, I have an excelant shot at an overall podium spot.

As training start again, cyclocross also starts. My second ‘cross race is two weeks away, and then cyclocross is nearly every weekend through November. This is my first season of ‘cross racing. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I’m learning as I go…I like it.

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