What is Fluid Recovery Drink?

What is Fluid? Fluid is an award winning muscle recovery sports drink. Its unique blend of carbohydrates, protein, and glutamine provide an outstanding and all natural formula for muscle repair, regeneration, and recovery.

Fluid was originally created as part of a senior project at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. In its first year on the market, Fluid was awarded “Best Nutrition Product of the Year” and “Best Sports/Recovery Drink of 2008”.
What does it do?
Replenishes muscle energy levels
Repairs damaged muscle tissue and aids in building new lean muscle
Helps manage inflammation, reducing aches, pains and muscle soreness
Provides electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat
Supports a stressed immune system
How does Fluid work?
The secret of Fluid Recovery drink is two fold.

The synergy of healthy all natural ingredients, in specific ratio to each other.
The timing of using Fluid in the “Recovery Window”, immediately after exercise.
Immediately after exercise, the doors of muscle cells that transport nutrients from the blood stream open wide and multiply in number. This allows the body to absorb nutrients faster than any other time of day, and repair itself at a highly accelerated level. This sensitivity only lasts for a brief time, and then disappears until the next exercise session!

Because the recovery window is so time sensitive, solid food is not recommended as it cannot be digested and absorbed in time for maximal recovery. For this reason, Fluid’s formula is designed to absorb quickly, avoid any digestive problems, and start the recovery process immediately.

What’s in Fluid?
Fluid contains:

Gluten-free complex carbohydrates and all natural fruit sugar to restore muscle energy levels.
Lactose-free whey protein isolate to repair, rebuild, and generate new lean muscle tissue.
L-Glutamine (2500mg) to repair muscles and help manage inflammation preventing aches, pains, and soreness.
Key electrolytes sodium and potassium to help restore electrolyte balance.
Immune boosting Vitamin C to support a stressed immune system.
Recover faster, Come back stronger
Fluid combines ingredients that work together and provide more benefit than taking them individually. When taken immediately after exercise, you give your body the nutritional tools to recover faster and come back stronger, feeling more refreshed for your next exercise session.

100% Natural, 100% Effective.
Fluid does NOT contain:

Artificial ingredients
Artificial colors
Artificial flavors
Anything trendy or unhealthy
Take Fluid after your next workout and give your body the tools to recover!

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, crystaline fruit sugar, whey protein isolate, L-glutamine, natural tropical fruit flavor, citric acid, sodium, soy lecithin, ascorbic acid, potassium.

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