Motor Tabs sponsorship through 2010

Motor Tabs Fluid Replacement System will continue to be my sports drink of choice through the 2010 cycling season. I signed on for another year with Motor Tabs to extend their sponsorship and support to four years now.
Motor Tabs Fluid Reaplacement System turns ordinary water into a smooth, refreshing sports drink. It’s as simple as dropping an effervescent tablit into water. Designed to use anytime around participatory athletic activity or when additional electrolytes are required. Mator Tabs is a portable sports drink that can go anywhere, as the tablets are individually wrapped in a water/air tight foil packages that protect them from sweat, dirt and other harmful elements. Whether it’s on the bike, run, hike, gym or at work, Motor Tabs restores vital fluids that are lost during physical activity or illness. You can see more about Motor Tab here
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