Windham US National XC Course Recon Ride

Windham US National Mountain Bike Race is this weekend, June 28-30, 2013. In addition to the ProXCT races, Windham will also host amateur racing as part of the New York State Mountain Bike Series and the Root 66 Race Series.

Today I took a drive down to Windham for a recon ride. I pretty much expected the same course a previous years, and that is just what I found. Starting with a moderate climb leading to some doubletrack, leading to more climbing to some singletrack. That led to more climbing to a short descent to more climbing. And more climbing. And more climbing. Get the picture? Approximately 2.1 miles going up the mountain with a great reward of a fun, approximately 1.4 mile, ride down the mountain on some great, technical, fun singletrack.

I rode two slow laps to just re-familiarize myself the the course. The course was mostly dry, although I’m pretty sure that will change overnight and Friday. Even wet, I know that I’ll enjoy the course and the race.

About Windham US National:

Windham Mountain and The Windham Area Recreation Foundation (WARF) are proud to bring you the Windham U.S. National Mountain Bike Race.

The event will take place June 28th – 30th 2013, in Windham NY. Riders of all abilities from all over the U.S. will compete in 3 disciplines: The Monster Energy PRO GRT Downhill, Stan’s No Tubes XCT Cross Country, and KMC Super D.

This event is open to riders of all abilities, from first timers to seasoned professionals. Spectators are welcome.

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