Wilmington-Whiteface 50K (and 100K Leadville Qualifier)

2013 Wilmington-Whiteface 100K and 50K shotgun start

2013 Wilmington-Whiteface 100K and 50K shotgun start

The Leadville Qualifier Series made its annual stop at Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid, NY. The Wilmington-Whiteface 100K and 50K was held Sunday June 16, 2013. I was excited to see that there would be a 50K option for 2013. 50 K (~31 miles) is a nice distance for me. It’s pretty much what I will ride on a day off from work, although this 50K had approximately 3500 feet of climbing. The race course was a lot of seasonal dirt road, too much paved road for mountain biking, and not nearly enough singletrack. I rode solid and mostly strong. I had a difficult 15 or 20 minutes that just needed heavier fluid intake (Heed) and a Hammer Gel. Once I got through that, I was on my way to the 2 laps on Whiteface.

I set out with two goals; finish under 3 hours and do well…whatever that might mean. I did finish under 3 hours, with a time of 2:44.35, and I did do well. I had no idea how many racers there would be or how many in the 40-49 age group. I ended up 13th overall men and 4th in age 40-49.

Full results for the 100K and the 50 K can be seen here:

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