Windham US National Cross Country Results

This year’s race at Windham Mountain was held on Saturday June 29, 2013. It was part of the USA Cycling Pro XCT Series, and amateurs, the New York State Mountain Bike Series and the Root 66 Race Series. I raced for New York points. After a good start and entering the woods in third, I dropped a chain. It didn’t go back on while trying to shift, so I had to stop and put it back on by hand. While that didn’t end my race, it certainly didn’t help as I watched nearly the whole field pass me. So, back on the bike to continue to grind out the climbs. The course conditions at Windham are starting to deteriorate. This was the 6th year of racing on pretty much the same course. It was still 100% ride-able, but mix in the greater amount of exposed roots, some eroded trail and a few days of rain leading up to the race, some areas were very sketchy.

Overall, I rode well. A couple of slip-ups on wet roots and rock, but I was still strong. I managed to gain back a handfull of spots after the dropped chain to finish a mid-pack 7th

Full results can be found here:


Cat 1

Cat 2/3

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