Airborne Bicycles Full Suspension 29er??? More Teaser Shots

Airborne BicyclesOver the past year or so I have become a big fan of Airborne Bicycles. You might remember the first incarnation of Airborne, they were the ones with the titanium bike and frames for ridiculously low prices (for titanium). Then, they went away for a while. Then, the came back with a “bread and butter” line of mountain bikes. Over the past couple of years they have expanded the line and upgraded the line of bikes. Now Airborne has two of my favorite bikes and, in my opinion, the best deal anywhere for comparable bikes…the Goblin 29er and the Delta CX.

You may have read my post about a sneak peak of a new offering from Airborne that turned out to be the Airborne Guardian, a budget 29er. Now we have a new sneak peak of a bike that should be available mid to late summer 2012. While I have no insight to anything that Airborne is up to, I have to say that I am pretty sure that this new bike is a full suspension 29er. Take a look at the two sneak peak photos and judge for yourself.

**UPDATE** Well, it’s not a full suspension 29er, but it is a full suspension something. Again, we’re all guessing here so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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