Balance Rock Ride

I headed across the boarder to Massachusetts today with some friends to ride in the Balance Rock State Park. Balance Rock is located in the northeast corner of the Pittsfield State Forest. With trail map in hand, the 6 of us rode up the road to the first trail head. Turned onto the singletrack and didn’t ride another dirt road until we reached the top of the mountain. Fast flowing singletrack through pine forest with rocks and roots as you would expect in the Northeast. And lots and lots of climbing…singletrack climbing. Some of it rolling terrain and some of it fairly steep as we switchbacked up the mountain. At the top, we took a little breather, rode at the top for a bit, and then headed back down the same singletrack trail that we went up. What a reward we got for all the climbing that we did…a fast technical descent. That is definitely the strongest part of my riding.
Once we reached the bottom, there was more singletrack riding in the pine forest before we headed back to the cars for some post ride beverages…Saranac, Otter Creek, Sam Adams…I’m already looking forward to the next trip to Balance Rock.
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