2010 Wildcat Epic 100

Hot off the press…or email…The details of the inaugural Wildcat Epic 100 mountain bike stage race. The following is the email that was sent out from the guys at Genesis Adventures.

Hi All,

We’ve wrapped our 2009 season and have dug into our 2010 planning. We are pleased to announce the new details for the Wildcat Epic 100! We will launch this inaugural Wildcat Epic 100 based on your feedback from last year. We want to keep the event to two days on the weekend to prevent days off of work. Our goal of 100 miles over two days should be reachable for many riders. We’ve broken out accommodations so you can decide to stay at base camp in a tent or find a local hotel. We made the meal plan optional so that you can save additional money if you want to bring your own. We also moved to a 100% solo event to eliminate teammate issues.

As a result…we are going to race on August 7th & 8th, 2010 with New Paltz, NY serving as our base camp for the entire weekend. We’re going to design two 50-mile loops that will include single track, fire roads, and pavement. We’ll start and end each day in the same location, but on two different courses. The main location will include space for camping. We will have a mandatory kick-off meeting on Friday night so we can get started first thing Saturday morning. We will provide a catered meal option for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. While the meals are optional, we hope that everyone sticks around and meets their fellow riders.

Early Entry fee will be $200 (we hope you find that agreeable).

Camping will be an additional $40, Dinners $20 each.

We are busy updating the website and will open registration next week.

– Brian & Gunter

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