Wicked Creepy Cyclocross

The NYCROSS.com Wicked Creepy Cyclocross Race wasn’t really that creepy, but I did spot a skeleton racing, a camouflage ninja racing and a Scottish warrior racing. This race is always held on Halloween weekend, and this year it fell on the day. A great turnout of racers on a great day for ‘cross racing. The temperature was in the lower 60’s and at times it felt like the wind might have been in the lower 60’s as well…but no tropical storm today. The wind was causing a few minor disruptions to the course markings, but race officials and volunteers did a great job of keeping the course well marked. The only casualty was the E-Z Up tent, at the start/finish, that the scorers had planned on using. About three minutes before the start, it was tumbling across a soccer field with the wind.
Today’s race course was definitely a roadie course. From the paved start to the long straight flat sections to the packed down sand pit. Not much here for the technical skills of a mountain biker, but every ‘cross course that I’ve been on has been fun. For me, the fun is the cyclocross racing itself, regardless of the course design.
I rode well today. During the second lap I was struggling a bit, but I worked through it and was able to pick up the pace from there. More improvements at the barriers and more improvement with results too. I wasn’t sure how close I was to top ten. It felt like I wasn’t quite there, and I wasn’t. I did however finish in 13th place which was mid-pack. Overall, this is my best ‘cross finish…not my highest, but my best.
One more race to wind up the season, the final NYCROSS. com race…the Bethlehem Cup in two weeks.
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