Saratoga Spa CX

Saratoga Spa Cyclocross was the next race on the Series schedule. The promoters promised a challenging race course, and they delivered. After two days of heavy rain, the course couldn’t be anything cut challenging. This particular course for me was a good one. It allowed me to ride more like a mountain bike race than a road race. And, after several weeks of limited riding and training, I could feel that I was getting my legs back.
We had a pretty large field of riders with alot of familiar faces. With the mountain bike season now finished, many of the guys I raced mountain bikes with are now coming to the ‘cross races.
This course also incorporated a spiral or maze. Much larger than the Troy race. At on point I made a joke about getting dizzy, but I’m not sure how much of a joke it was. Even with the mud, soft ground and sand pit, this was still a pretty fast race. For me, I saw a huge improvement at the barriers which kept my momentum up during each lap. A flowing singletrack trail through the woods allowed me to make-up time on each lap. Even with a 25th place finish in a big field of riders, this was my best cyclocross race yet.
The next race is on Halloween…Wicked Creepy Cyclocross Race in Bennington, VT.
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