Uncle Sam Cyclocross Gran Prix

Day 2 for the NYCROSS.com cyclocross weekend in Troy was today. Today we ran the course in the opposite direction from yesterday, with a few slight changes in course design. I personally liked Saturday’s course better, but this was also a fun course to race. I think it was a bit more difficuclt, but still fun.
The weather cooperated to the point of no precipitation, but it was just about as cold as Saturday. But, it’s cyclocross…it’s not July anymore…I was prepared for snow.
I rode pretty well today. I finished -1 in 12th place. Again, I see an improvement in each race that I do. The barriers still slow me down, but that will get better over time. Practice…practice…practice…
My next ‘cross race is next week in Saratoga Spring, the next NYCROSS.com race.
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