Mountain Biking to Cherry Plains

Back to a relatively normal training routine and in the last two days logged more miles that I have in the previous two weeks. I back to riding my 33 mile, two mountain road ride and my 25-30 mile mountain bike ride. Yesterday the moutain bike ride was 27 miles. These ride are great training rides because there are two mountains involved and both rides share one mountain…one ride with steep road climbs and the other with steep dirt road/off road climbs.

On Tuesday, I did the off road ride. Much of the ride was my usual route, but I wanted to scout out some more trails in Cherry Plains State Park. I didn’t really have the time I wanted to ride them, but I now know where the trailheads are. Next week I’ll drive there instead of riding there, head up the dirt road to the “unmarked” trails on the hundreds of acres of State land. As I have rode there throughout the summer, I have hound that you can’t really get lost. As large an area as it is, the land with most of the trails is surrounded by the same road. So, even if you aren’t sure where you are, when you get to the dirt road, go right and you will eventually be back at the Park entrance.

I’m looking forward to my next two days off to log another 25-30 miles off road each day.

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