CX season is just flying by

Wow, it’s November already. Cyclocross has been going since the last weekend of August, and it’s already starting to wind down. With only two weekends of racing left, it’s hard to believe that it’s almost finished…for me. My remaining races are the two days at Northampton International Cyclocross and then winding up at Bethlehem Cup, the NYCROSS Series finale.

Gran Prix of Gloucester

Gran Prix of Gloucester

This year I ventured out to some of the major races throughout the northeast. The year started out in January 2017 with the US Cyclocross National Championships in Hartford, CT to finish out the 2016 season. In the 2017 season, I raced at Rochester Cyclocross, KMC Crossfest, Gran Prix of Gloucester, and coming up next weekend, Northampton International Cyclocross. Added to that, I’ve race to full Cyclocross Series with the finale, Belthehem Cup, coming in two weeks, and I raced a few others that fit in along the way. That is a full schedule of races for me.

I do have to admit that I’m not sure if I was totally ready for all the racing that I have done. And I didn’t fully know what to expect at Rochester, KMC and Gloucester. By mid-October I was whooped. I ended up taking a week completely off and did nothing with the bike or with running. A good rest was definitely needed, and I never before felt as exhausted as I did. That’s when I reworked my training plan to incorporate better rest periods during the week.

However the season goes for me, I have fun each weekend of racing. That’s what is all about for me, fun…fun and fitness. Any result above the last few is a bonus.

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