Breezer Thunder One Build

I have finished my Breezer Thunder One singlespeed build. Here is the finished bike.

Breezer Thunder One Singlespeed

Breezer Thunder One Singlespeed

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4 Responses to Breezer Thunder One Build

  1. Jon says:

    I’m thinking about buying one of these frames to build up. What are your thoughts on it, and how has it held up?

  2. aa says:

    I absolutely LOVE the frame. It is very light, a bit shorter wheelbase and handle great in tight singletrack. It uses an eccentric bottom bracket, which means you adjust the chain tension at the bottom bracket. It also mean that you can use your favorite wheels w/ quick release. I built mine with a carbon rigid fork and a mid-quality wheelset, and easily dropped 5 lbs from the steel singlespeed that I was riding. I highly recommend this frame.

  3. kendell shull says:

    Which carbon rigid fork did you use? I can not find documentation on rigid fork length for this breezer frame.

  4. aa says:

    I used a generic Chinese made 29er fork.

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