New Singlespeed Build: Breezer Thunder One

Well, I’m at it again. It’s time to build a new bike. One of the brands that has always made me drool a bit is Breezer. When Breezer came back to the market a few years ago, of course I thought, “I want one”. Unfortunately, the right bike just wan’t there for me…that is until now. The Breezer Thunder One singlespeed. The Thunder One uses Breezer D’Fusion tubing, Apex Disc Mount and Breeze-In dropouts, with 29er geometry identical to the Cloud 9, all in durable and light aluminum. The Thunder frame uses a custom Breeze tapered head tube for additional stiffness and weight savings. And the Thunder One is the first ever Breezer singlespeed. I’ll be building it with a carbon fork on it. Yep, fully rigid.

Here is a tease of what I’ll be building…

Breezer Thunder One Frame

Breezer Thunder One Frame

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2 Responses to New Singlespeed Build: Breezer Thunder One

  1. James says:

    Any idea how much this frame weighs?

    • aa says:

      I’m not really sure of the frame weight. I didn’t ask, and I didn’t weigh it myself. It’s I very, very good, high quality frame. It is in the ~3 lbs range.

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