1st Place Singlespeed Wilmington-Whiteface 50k

2014 Wilmingtom-Whiteface 50k

1st Place Singlespeed Wilmington-Whiteface 50k

The 2014 Winmington-Whiteface 50k is in the books. All the training that I put in starting in February paid off huge with the singlespeed win. I have often said that 50k is a nice distance for me. Last year I was 4th place at Whiteface and this year a win.

The race started out at 7:00 a.m. with nearly 400 100k and 50k racers and a shotgun start. It was cold, but short sleeves would do it. The first 5 miles of the course is a fast road ride warm up, followed by a ~3 mile climb that rewards you with a fast descent. Racing singlespeed, I just spun and spun and was warmed up pretty quick for the first climb. The bottom of the descent led us to the 50k turn around and to a very long, very stiff climb that hurt a bit. After a ridiculously fast descent as your reward from the climb, we then rode several rolling miles of dirt and pavement to the first section sweet, flowing single-track. After a few more road miles, we were then on the trail back to Whiteface, for two loops of dirt road climbs and single-track descending that doesn’t seem like much until you are there…riding it after riding the previous ~42k. There is a lot of dirt road with a fair amount of pavement mixed in on this course. There are fast descents and long steep climbs. There isn’t enough single-track, but what is there makes you grin from ear to ear while riding it…at least it did for me.

During my training for this race, I did everything right. Or at least I think that I did. I developed a workout plan that started in February, and I stuck to it. I tweaked my diet, not to what it should be, but far better than the last few years. And I added some Hammer Nutrition supplements that I hadn’t used before. The biggest single improvement was from adding Anti-Fatigue Caps to my fueling arsenal during training and racing. I couldn’t believe the difference after just one training ride. If there is one race that I was focused on for this season, it was the Wilmington-Whiteface race. Everything I have done so far this season, was mostly for this weekend, and it paid off.

Thanks to Hammer Nutrition, Duro Tires, Rudy Project and AXO Cycling for all the support!

Wilmington-Whiteface 50k/100k results


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  1. Stephen says:

    What was your gearing for the race??

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