Final Prep for Wilmington-Whiteface 50K

The Wilmington-Whiteface 50K mountain bike race is right around the corner…it’s only one week away. I’ve been training hard and trying to simulate the course as much as possible. And today I had a great MTB training ride prepping for next weekend’s Wilmington-Whiteface 50K. Today’s ride was 35 miles w/ 3000+ ft of climbing on my singlespeed. I’ve changed up my fueling a little bit, adding a couple of Hammer Nutrition products that I haven’t used before. I’ve used Race Caps Supreme for a while now, but it was my first time using Anti-Fatigue Caps and Endurolytes Extreme. What a difference!! No burning on the climbs at all and I felt fresher during and after a ride than I ever have.

While this training route doesn’t have everything to duplicate the Wilmington-Whiteface course, it is pretty close. This is a route that I ride often, and today I averaged .6 mph faster than I have in the past on this route.  I’ve trained hard for this race and I think I’m ready. I just need to make sure that I stay rested and don’t over train this week going into the race.

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