Race Season Is Underway With a 2nd Place

2nd place Root 66 - Hop Brook Dam MTB Race

2nd place Root 66 – Hop Brook Dam MTB Race

The 2014 race season has started for me with the Root 66 opener at Hop Brook Dam in Middlebury, CT. Near perfect weather, in fact, it was my first day in short sleeves since sometime in September. The same course as I remembered, with a very good mix of double and single-track. I moved up in age category to 50+, which means smaller fields, but in no way means lesser competition. I ended up finishing a strong 2nd place. I just couldn’t hang on the climbs, with the guy that won. My new Cannondale Scalpel 4 handled great, but I still need some fine tuning on the suspention.

Thanks to my sponsors: Hammer Nutrion, Duro Tire, Rudy Project and AXO Sports for their support for this season.

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