Yeah…It’s Cold, But I Have to Ride

Winter training

Had to just suck it up and ride…19 degrees

I just couldn’t stand to be on the trainer again today. I started a treadmill running program that didn’t last as long as the plan said it should. I’m not a runner. But I’m trying. I want to race one or two off-road duathlons this year, and the first one is in late April. I’m not expecting to be a runner, but I do want to be able to get through the run leg at a reasonable time…and without walking. So three days a week on the treadmill.

That doesn’t mean that I’ll forgo the bike on those days. I’ll still ride. And as I was getting ready to ride the trainer today, I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I wanted to ride outside.  Actually, I wanted to ride my new Cannondale Salpel 4 29er. The only problem was that it was 19 degrees out. Okay, this will be the coldest that I have ever biked. I have a theory about keeping warm…keep the top warm and the bottom is warm. I had two layers under my bib shorts and five layers on top…base layer, Hammer Nutrition long sleeve running shirt, Hammer Nutrition long sleeve t-shirt, Hammer Nutrition long sleeve jersey and Hammer Nutrition cycling jacket. The jacket was the key to it all. It blocked the wind from even having a chance to get through the other layers.

With cold weather in the extended forecast, I had to suck it up and get out there and ride in the cold. If I could handle 19 degrees, I can handle 20’s and 30’s. Hmm, 45 will be shorts weather.

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