HEED vs. Fizz | Hammer Nutrition

Heed vs. Fizz(From Hammer Nutrition Endurance News Issue#87) I’m writing this while working at the Hammer Nutrition expo booth at the U.S. Masters Swimming Summer National Championships, an event that we sponsor. As is the case with this and previous events I’ve worked at in the past few months, I have a couple of coolers of HEED on one of the tables, mixed up and ready for the athletes to consume (and boy, are we going through a lot of HEED today!). Next to the 5-gallon HEED coolers are plastic Tupperware containers, each one holding several dozen single-serving sample packets of various flavors of Endurolytes Fizz, which we’re providing to the athletes at no charge so they can try them.

Several times throughout the day – and I’ve noted that this has occurred at not only this event, but at every one of them that I’ve attended over the past several months – someone will take a drink of HEED (usually sampling both of the flavors I have available), saying how much they like the taste, that it’s really refreshing but not too sweet, etc. Then they’ll look at the plastic containers holding the Endurolytes Fizz, examine the product’s single-serving packaging, and ask, “Is this what’s in the coolers?” or “Is this the same thing as what I’m drinking?” thinking that the two products are the same. That’s when I politely tell them that these are two different products, which then leads to an explanation as to what the two products are, what makes them different, and what they’re designed for.

Read the full  article here–>> HEED vs. Fizz | Hammer Nutrition.

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