2014 Race Planning

While cyclocross season moves along, I’m starting to look ahead to the 2014 mountain bike season. I’m leaning towards more ultra-endurance mountain biking. Sure, I’ll continue to race some of my standard cross country races, but there are two distance races that I’m looking forward to already. On June 22, 2014, the Leadville Qualifying Series returns to the Lake Placid Region with the Wilmington-Whiteface 100K. Last year I race to 50K and finished well within my age. I am again planning on the 50K race. Added to this year’s Leadville Qualifying Series is the Fire Road Cycling Cedar City 25K/60K/100K in Cedar City, UT being held on July 5, 2014. I have decided that I’m going to head out to southern Utah in July and race in Cedar City. The “middle distance” races are are a good distance for me, so I’m in for the 60K. Cedar City, UT is only 2 1/2 hrs from Las Vegas, so and easy flight and and easy drive to what looks like a very good race.

Beside the typical NYS MTB Series races, the Wilmington-Whiteface and Cedar City races are the races that I am focusing on.

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