Uncle Sam Cyclocross: Day 2

What a great day for racing! Even if not racing, it’s a great day for riding or just being outside. Today was Day 2 of the NYCROSS.com Uncle Sam Cyclocross weekend. Today’s course was mostly the reverse of yesterday’s course. When this course runs in the “clockwise” direction, like today, I ride much better…stonger and faster. Unfortunately, I think everyone else does too :). Today was probably one of the strongest cyclocross races that I have had. I felt great and felt very much like I was racing the singletrack at Stewart State Forest. I was able to ride in the big ring (MTB 42T) for the majority of each lap. I could pedal through turns and power up most “hilly” sections. I rode clean, strong and fast. I still ended up in 29th place…but with a larger field, so overall I feel pretty good about my race.

Next week is the Saratoga Spa:CX race and is also one of my favorites. The Saratoga race always draws a huge crowd for local racing. Lets see if I feel as good next week as I did today.

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