New York’s Erie Canalway Trail: One of the 50 Best Bike Trails in America

Check out the 50 Best Bike Trails in America. Explore a few and find out what the fuss is all about.

New York's Erie Canalway Trail

New York’s Erie Canalway Trail

And #18 of the 50 is our own The Erie Canalway Trail
Location: Albany, N.Y.
Distance: 365 miles
Best Suited For: Mountain or hybrid bikes

This trail extends almost 400 miles across upstate New York between downtown Albany and downtown Buffalo. It connects almost every major upstate city, as well as many smaller villages in between. In fact, there is a town every 10 or 15 miles on this route-as far as a mule could pull a barge in a day. If a mule could make it with a barge, you can make it on your bike.

Read about all 50 trails here>> The 50 Best Bike Trails in America.

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