Mavic debuts 29er wheelsets

Mavic finally has three brand new 29er wheelsets, the first full line of 29er wheels for Mavic. The Crossmax SLR, Crossmax ST, and Crossride wheelsets all offer Mavic’s signature system-engineered approach to wheels, as well as competitive weights and a good pricing.

The debut of these wheels comes almost a year after Mavic’s original intended release date. A number of design challenges, particularly with the lightweight SLR set held off the introduction until now.

The Crossmax SLR 29 should be available in mid June, while the Crossmax ST and Crossride won’t be available until August.

Mavic 29er Wheels

Crossmax SLR – Weight: 1629 grams, Price: $1000

Crossmax ST – Weight: 1710 grams, Price: $825

Crossride – Weight: 2020 grams, Price $300

For an in depth technical review of Mavic’s new 29er wheels, check out the article from

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