Review: Rudy Project WindMax Helmet

Rudy Project WindMax

An incredibly light and easy to wear helmet

It’s been nearly 5 months since my Rudy Project WindMax helmet arrived at my door. As I said in my original post (Rudy Project WindMax Helmet at First Glance) I started to play with it right away to get it set up. Now, after 5 months of wearing the WindMax, I still stand behind what I said in December,“the WindMax is the best fitting and easiest adjusting helmet that I have owned.”

I’ve had other good fitting helmets, but the WindMax fits my head as if it was molded for me. Of course, getting the rights pads in there does it, but it doesn’t feel like I am making it fit my head. It just fits right. I have adjusted the straps and readjusted the straps to get the best fit that I can. That isn’t a problem because the straps on the WindMax are the easiest to adjust that I have encountered. Unfortunately, they might be a little too easy to adjust. I do find that I have to readjust the side slide adjustments every so often because they tend to move a little bit over time. But, I often use my mp3 player when cycling, so it could be me just messing with my earbuds. But again, the straps adjust so easily, it’s not an inconvenience for me to readjust.

The 21 vents keep you cool. The retention strap is easily adjustable with Rudy’s latest retention dial system RSR8. The retention dial allows you to “fine tune” the retention strap to aid in gaining the best fit and to keep it snug on your head. Another simple adjustment for the WindMax.

The Rudy Project WindMax is a very comfortable and good looking helmet. The WindMax is such an incredibly light helmet, you might actually forget that you have a helmet on. But don’t forget to put it on. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Retail: $299.99

S/M: 8.8 oz / 250 grams
L: 9.5 oz / 270 grams
S/M: 54-58cm, 21.25″-22.8″
L: 58-62cm, 22.8″-24.4″
R.S.R. 8 Disc
CE 89/686 EEC
EN 1078
CPSC 12.03
AS/NZS 2063

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1 Response to Review: Rudy Project WindMax Helmet

  1. jamesonblake says:

    I am in the market for a new helmet and this one sounds great but the price is a little steep for someone like me what can you suggest with a price tag under $75?

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