Rudy Project WindMax Helmet at First Glance

My Rudy Project WindMaxhelmet just arrived. Wow! Merry Christmas to me! Right away I thought that the box might be empty. Yes, the WindMax is very light. Then I took it out of the box and I found a visually appealing cycling helmet. This is a very good looking helmet. I couldn’t wait to put it on my head and try it on. Hmmm, pretty good fit. Some of the pads need to be thicker for me, but have no fear, there are extra, thicker, pads included. And, another set, even thicker set, of side pads. Right away, I took out the “bug screen” pads that came from the factory and I installed the extra set of pads. It is very easy to change the pads, but there are also instructions if you need them. For the side pads, I used the thickest set. There are even extra velcro hooks to add if needed.Now it was time to adjust the strap for a snug fit. Have you ever adjusted the strap on a bicycle helmet in thee minutes or less? Neither have I…until now. This was the easiest helmet to get a good fit.

“Technology and advanced science are at the heart of Rudy Project. Our craftsmen use the highest quality meterials and manufacturing techniques to create lightweight, comfortable and extremely functional helmets.”

And, the WindMax is very comfortable and functional. From the Quick Snap Visor (2 included), to the RSR 8 Retention System, to the simple Fastex© System Closure Buckle and Chin Protection, the WindMax is the bet fitting and easiest adjusting helmet that I have owned.Stay tuned for further review of the Rudy Project WindMax helmet.
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