Wilmington/Whiteface – Leadville Qualifier

The Wilmington/Whiteface 100 – Leadville Qualifier race started out as a pretty good weekend for me. I arrived in Lake Placid early afternoon on Saturday and checked in to the Econo-Lodge. Then I went for a nice and easy ride around town. As many times as I have been to Lake Placid, I always enjoy the “Olympic Village”. It never gets old for me. Then, dinner and off to bed early, to get up early on Sunday. The race had a 6:30 am start time. I arrived at Whiteface Mountain about 5:15 and with coffee in hand, started to get ready for the race. Staging was at 6:15, the National Anthem at 6:25 and a shotgun start at 6:30.
The course ended up being 90 km, with three very serious climbs. Unfortunately, I only made it to 18 km, never making to the big climbs. At some point during a descent, the freehub stopped engaging. This, of course, won’t allow you to peddle. You just spin like mad and you stay still. Without the proper tools to take the hub apart at trail side, I was a DNF.
I was fortunate to get a ride from a spectator back to Whiteface. I wasn’t looking forward to walking.
When I got home, I took the hub apart and found that the spring which controls the pawls had broke into three pieces. So, even if I could have taken the hub apart along the trail, the was no fix.
My next race isn’t for another two weeks, so I expect to have parts and the hub repaired by then. For now, a spare wheel will be used and I’ll be back out on the trail this week.
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