Stewart Super Six Pack

Stewart Super Six Pack

The inaugural Stewart Super Six Pack 6 hour mountain bike race was held on Sunday May 22. The race was promoted by and was held at the Stewart State Forest near Newburgh, NY. This was a pretty good race for the first race put on my The course was a ~10 mile lap on the same great, flowing singletrack that we all love. It was a tough race…lots of mud, steep power climbs and drop-offs. By the forth hour, my upper body was tired and sore. But, it was still a good course and fun to ride. I hung in there and continued.
I raced in the Masters 45+ field and I faired much better than expected. There were 26 riders pre-registered for my category and 22 starters. I had two goals going into the race – finish, and finish top 20. I did both, and much to my surprise I finished 13th in category.
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