End Of The Season – Hudson Valley Cyclocross

My 2010 bicycle racing season wrapped up today for me with day 1 of the two day Hudson Valley Cyclocross. I had planned to race both days, but the weather forcast for Sunday does not look favorable for a two hour drive to Wappingers Falls, NY.
The race was held at Bowdoin Park in Wappingers Falls. The course was shorter than most, only one mile per lap. It was also dry and a pretty fast course. It consisted of some trail in the woods, fast sections in the fields, fast barriers and a pretty good forced run-up that had a single barrier at the base of the hill. I liked the course. Being a short course, I did see most of the other riders more than I would have liked (I finished -2 laps). But, I could ride the whole course, had no crashes and considering that I have been mostly off the bike since the West Point race, I think I did pretty good. The end result was a 9th place finishing -2 laps.
So, my second season of cyclocross is under my belt. I up-graded to Cat 3. I race the full season in the Masters category (Cat 1/2/3). And even had some results/races that I feel pretty good about.
I want to thank my ‘cross team, CyclocrossRacing.com, for putting together a great team program. I also want to thank the rest of my sponsors for keeping me going all year long…Motor Tabs, Fluid Recovery Drink, Rudy Project, Evomo Apparel, Tri-Flow Lubricants, Vetta Cycle Computers and Brave Soldier.
Stay tune for 2011 teams and sponsors…
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