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9 Reasons Why You Should Try Cyclocross |

The sport of cyclocross, also known as ‘cross, cyclo-x and CX, is a sport that is a combination of criterium-style bike racing and steeplechase-style running. It is usually a multi-lap format race lasting 30 to 60 minutes, which includes obstacles … Continue reading

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Army Turkey Cyclocross at West Point

The Army Turkey Cyclocross race was held on the grounds of West Point and was promoted by West Point Cycling. Off the main campus, the race was held at Camp Buckner. Even though we were not on the main campus, … Continue reading

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Bethlehem Cup – Finale

Sunday, November 14 was the Bethlehem Cup, the series finale for the Cyclocross Series. Held at Elm Avenue Town Park, the Bethlehem Cup was a fairly challenging race course; a water soaked, slick and muddy course. A fast start … Continue reading

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Redline Mono Cog Flight 29 – First Impressions

Well, I finally made the jump to a 29er. Yeah, I know, it’s about time. A 29er always seemed so big to me. Also, with my short legs, sizing has always been an issue with a 29er. The standover hight … Continue reading

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Darkhorse 40 & Singlespeed-a-Palooza

Two of my favorite races for the 2011 mountain bike season have been scheduled and registration is now open. First, the 3rd annual Singlespeed-a-Palooza is scheduled for Sunday April 17, 2011. Approximately 25 miles of great single-track in the Stewart … Continue reading

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A Double Race Weekend

I had a two race weekend to close out October. Not unusual during ‘cross season. But this time, day one was a mountain bike race. Actually it was a night time mountain bike race, the annual Darkness at 909. This … Continue reading

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