Saratoga Spa Cycrocross

Perfect weather today…for cyclocross that is…Low 40’s, a little drizzle, no mud…but, of course, cowbells. It’s all what we’ve come to expect at a cyclocross race, and the Saratoga Spa CX event today was no exception. When I first read that Jeremy Powers had a hand in designing this race course, I thought that it would be pretty good. I saw the map, but how much can you really tell from a map. It has to be ridden.
The race was help on the ground of the world famous Saratoga Race Track. You know, the August place to be. No, we didn’t race on the track, we were on the grounds of the stable area…with a lot of hay and a lot of sounds and smells of the horses.
The race course had everything that you would want in a cyclocross course…fast, twists, turns, rolling terrain, sandy run-up, fast barriers, more sand, cold, no rest, even more sand, etc… Regardless of my results, this course was fun. I wish I were faster so I could have done more laps. I didn’t stay for the final results, as I had to leave immediately following my race.
This is only my second season racing ‘cross so I’ve only seen, first hand, a handful of courses. But this race course is, by far, the best and most enjoyable cyclocross I’ve raced. I do hope to see this race held in the same location again next year.
Next up for the series is Wicked Creepy Cyclocross Race in Bennington, VT. This race is always held on Halloween weekend, and this year it’s actually on Halloween.
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