Uncle Sam Cyclocross Gran Prix

The Uncle Sam Cyclocross Gran Prix is complete. The two days of ‘cross racing at Prospect Park in Troy, NY were race number 2 and 3 of the NYCROSS.com series. The Masters race, both days, was the usual fast pace, with many of the usual fast riders too.
Both Saturday and Sunday saw great weather for racing, cool with no more rain. Both race courses were about 1.7 miles in length. And both saw pretty much the same features. The big difference between the two courses was that about 3/4 of Sunday’s race course was in the reverse direction from Saturday. I thought that Sunday seemed a little easier and faster, but I’m sure it was just familiarity from racing Saturday.
So overall I think that I rode well. No crashes…no tripping over the barriers…and finished only -1 lap both days. Both races also had the same result, 11th place, pretty good for racing Cat 1/2/3 Masters 45+.
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