The bulk of my racing is starting

With just four races throughout the spring (March/April/May), my race season is now really getting underway. Three mountain bike marathons, a 6 hour, a 12 hour, a 6 hour trail run, Mt Snow, and the World Cup weekend at Windham will keep the summer busy. There might be one or two other mountain or road races thrown in there before cyclocross starts in September, but the long endurance racing is what I’m looking forward to.
There are races that I haven’t done in the past, one in particular is the “6 hr Crazy Magic Ultra Trail Run“. I’m not really a runner, at least not since college, but this race intrigues me. It is on the same trail system as the Schenectady 6 hr MTB Race and I know it will be a fun day…and I have 2 1/2 months to prepare. Other first time races for me will be the 15th Annual Black Fly Challenge 40 mile mountain bike race, 12 Hours at 909 and the 4th Annual Race with the Wind 50 mile mountain bike race.
Now, I guess, it’s back to training.
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