Spring Is Just Around The Corner

It’s not quite spring yet, but spring is just around the corner. How do I know? Well, it’s mud season. You know, that time of year between Winter and Spring. That time of year when you have to stay off the trails so not to damage them. However, today I did ride some trails. In fact, with the snow mostly gone, I was finally able to ride some singletrack. That’s a good thing…my first race is only two weeks away. Was there mud? No! But it’s mud season right? Yes, it is. But these trails are part of the Pine Bush Preserve, and the ground there drains like nothing else around here. I think this is probably the only place in the area that is rideable without the concern of serious trail damage.
There isn’t alot of mileage there, but it is mostly singletrack. Fast, flowing and great for a singlespeed. I didn’t ride my singlespeed today, but next time there, I’m sure I will. We were out for a little over a hour. Not long, but a good stretch of the legs and a test of the lungs. I guess all the time on the trainer throughout the winter actually did pay off. I felt surprisingly good.
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