Training, Snow and Cancelled Race

It has been a pretty cold past few weeks. Too cold to really ride outside. And, when I have gone out for a ride, it wasn’t really too beneficial for training purposes. My outside rides have been more for the fun of the sport. I really enjoy mountain biking in the snow. It certainly keeps my technical skills sharp. We are getting a bit of a warm stretch for a few days (upper 30’s), so mountain bike rides are definitely in the weekend forecast. It will be good to get on the bike and actually be able to feel my face. It will also be good to ride the single-speed this weekend. I really should ride that more. Wow, that will be so much more fun than the trainer.
My first race of 2010 will have to wait until March. The Schenectady Winterfest has been cancelled, and therefore, the Winterfest Ice Race has been cancelled too. Proceeds of the race were to go to the Boy and Girls Club of Schenectady, so do I hope there is some other sort of fundraiser.
So, I keep riding the trainer and bike outside when I can. That March race will be here before you know it.
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