Snow, Ice and Singletrack

It might be a winter wonderland out there, but we’re still riding…Come on, four inches of snow won’t stop me. 27 degrees won’t even stop me. Unfortunately, the snow and cold will eventually stop me. I took a drive over to Cherry Plain State Park with my friend John. He just picked up his new Gary Fisher 29er and wanted to ride. I think I might have gotten him hooked on these trails. Hmm, I guess I’ll have the share the 4000 acres with someone else. We didn’t do the compete set of trails, but we did stick to the singletrack. The singletrack trails are tricky enough without the snow, a four in snow cover certainly made the ride interesting…Icy dirt roads…snow covered rock gardens…and still great singletrack. We took it slow, and we just did an easy five miles. With 9 more days left in the hunting season, introducing John to the rest of the trails will wait for another day. Cherry Plain tends to get more snow than the rest of us, and with the weather forecast not looking too promising, this might be the last ride here for a little while. Or, at least until the snowmobiles pack down some of the other trails here…
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