Rudy Project Sponsorship Thru 2011

I’ve sign on with Rudy Project, for Helmets and Sunglasses, for an additional two years. This will bring their sponsorship through the 2011 cycling season. I’ve been wearing Rudy’s Rydon II and Skyman glasses and their award winning Zuma Helmet for the past 18 months. Weighing in at only 10.9 oz., the Zuma is a compact, streamlined design enhanced by a system of 21 vents: ZUMA combines the characteristics of a technically advanced helmet with a dynamic, highly attractive look. With the technologically advanced Sterling and Wingspan helmets, Rudy is certain to grow their market share.
Most of the Rudy Project glasses are also available for prescription at an authorized Rudy Rx dealer.
Visit and check out their killer Combo Deals.
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