6 More miles of trail and counting…

67 degrees today…not bad for the second week of November. Unfortunately, It’s probably one of the last few remaining nice riding days for a while. I did my weekly ride at Cherry Plain State Park. But, before I left the house I brought the area up on Google Maps and used the satellite image feature to look for new trails. I always see old logging roads and abandoned roads that lead somewhere, I just don’t know where. That’s where the satellite images come in handy. Even if it’s not a “mapped” road, often times you can follow it when you zoom in on the satellite image. Today I rode an old abandoned road the turned into good climbing and rolling terrain. However, when I came to a bridge to cross, it kind of reminded me of the bridge in the Chevy Chase movie Funny Farm. Yeah, I had to get a good look before I crossed to make sure it was safe.
Adding this ~6 miles will easily give me a 20+ mile ride if I put it all together…and staying mostly on state land. If I ride from home to put it ALL together, I bet I could connect ~40 miles.
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