Negative for Lyme, so…I Don’t Know

My blood test for Lyme came back negative. So I really don’t know what was going on. But whatever it was, is gone. And I do think the antibiotics did the trick.

Since then, I’ve been putting in the hours and miles to get my base fitness back to where it should be for this time of year. I actually feel surprisingly good considering what I went through and not being able to ride efficiently, if at all.

I went right to work on my normal cyclocross training of 2 days of endurance rides, 2 days of hill sprints, and 1 day running. Towards the end of July I add in cyclocross specific skills on the run day.

So, overall I feel great. The blood test for Lyme came back negative, so…I don’t know. I just want to continue to feel as healthy as I do now.

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